Programmable Aperture Photography:
Multiplexed Light Field Acquisition

Bing-Yi Wong
Chi Liu

National Taiwan University



(patent pending)


In this paper, we present a system including a novel component called programmable aperture and two associated post-processing algorithms for high-quality light field acquisition. The shape of the programmable aperture can be adjusted and used to capture light field at full sensor resolution through multiple exposures without any additional optics and without moving the camera. High acquisition efficiency is achieved by employing an optimal multiplexing scheme, and quality data is obtained by using the two postprocessing algorithms designed for self calibration of photometric distortion and for multi-view depth estimation. View-dependent depth maps thus generated help boost the angular resolution of light field. Various post-exposure photographic effects are given to demonstrate the effectiveness of the system and the quality of the captured light field.


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Dataset is available by request (Remove NOSPAM)

Demos (click the thumbnails to download the VGA size avi files):


(no depth info)
Refocusing and view interpolation
(no depth info)
View interpolation
(with photometric correction and depth maps)
Refocusing (with photometric correction and depth maps)


Results of the Middlebury dataset can be found here.


We would like to thank Prof. Yung-Yu Chuang for his help on the organization and presentation of the paper, Ching-Chang Liao and Aaron Hu for their assistance on the prototype development, Netanel Ratner for helpful discussion on optimal multiplexing, Li-Yi Wei for encouragements, Chris Liao for narrating the voice-over of the supplemental video, and the anonymous reviewers for their valuable comments. This project was supported in part by grants from the Excellent Research Projects of National Taiwan University under the contract 95R0062-AE00-02 and from the National Science Council of Taiwan under the contract NSC 96-2628-E-002-005-MY2.

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